Q. What do I get when I order EuroTV service?

A. You will get a Set Top Box (STB) which is similar with a satellite or TV cable receiver and you`ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee for getting access to our TV channels. The price for the STB is 169.99 USD will be paid only once. The prices for Hungarian  package starts at 19.99USD if one year is paid in advance, 21.99 USD if 6 months are paid in advance and 23.99 USD if you choose monthly billing.

Q. Are there any other charges or fees to the service?

A. Government taxes apply as follows: for Ontario GST+PST (13%), for all other canadian provinces GST (5%). There are no taxes for US residents or other countries residents for the service. There might be an import tax applied to the STB value when the cutomer receives the STB. That tax is collected usually by the shipping company and not EuroTV.

Q. Do I need a satellite dish to receive your service?

 A. No. Our service does not require the installation of a satellite dish. You will need a High Speed Internet Connection (minimum 1,5 Mbit/sec Download speed, 2 Mbit/sec or more recommended). The Set Top Box has an Ethernet connection and you have to connect it to a Cable or DSL Modem. For DSL connection you will need a router. You will also need a router if you want to access the Internet while watching TV.


For technical support send an e-mail to

Technical support phone numbers are 1-877-387-6881 and 647-476-2274 for Toronto Area